IMBQ-NVL  (Naval)

IMAGO HP-220 with payload

The IMBQ-NVL Naval Tracking Mount is designed for shipboard applications.   It is available with optional IMU, INS stabilization, as well as fibre optic slip rings.   The photo below is an IMBQ-NVL being assembled  for conformance testing.  Once the pan/tilt has been tested to meet our standards it will be painted and shipped to our customer's site.

IMBQ Naval Tracking Mount

Like all IMAGO tracking mounts the IMBQ-NVL is designed to avoid parallax errors.  This is an IMAGO advantage as we design our mounts to minimize the offset from the axes of rotation and parallax errors, which are not easily corrected and reduce tracking accuracy.  

Tracking Mount Specifications

Performance Full Payload
Encoder Resolution 20 arc-sec, optional 13 arcsecond
Pan-Tilt Positioner Mass 100kg
Payload Mass, Maximum 100kg
Range, Elevation -20/+190ᵒ
Range, Azimuth

+/-175 or
Continuous (sliprings)
Tracking Dynamics - 100kg Payload, Sea State 1
   Angular Rate, Azimuth 60ᵒ/s
   Angular Rate, Elevation 60ᵒ/s
   Angular Acceleration, Azimuth 120ᵒ/s2
   Angular Acceleration, Elevation 120ᵒ/s2
Tracking Dynamics 70kg Payload, Sea State 1
   Angular Rate, Azimuth 90ᵒ/s
   Angular Rate, Elevation 90ᵒ/s
   Angular Acceleration, Azimuth 160ᵒ/s2
   Angular Acceleration, Elevation 160ᵒ/s2
2 Axis Gyro Stabilization (optional)
  Bias Stability 0.0035ᵒ/h
  Angular Random Walk (ARW) 0.0035ᵒ/ hr
Sample Frequency Up to 5000Hz
Azimuth Slip Ring
  Technology: Communication and Video Fibre Optic
  Supported Sensor Payloads
Multiple Video Cameras:

- GIGE, CCIR, RS170, CameraLink,etc.

IR Camera

Laser Rangefinder


High Speed Camera (Phantom, Photron, NAC, etc.
  Technology: Power Silver Fibre
  Temperature Range, Operational -20ᵒ to +55ᵒC
  Heater, Enclosure (thermostatically controlled) 100W
  Heater, Pan/Tilt   (thermostatically controlled) 200W
  Sealing IP66
  Environment Marine
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