IMAGO: tracking experts…since 1987

IMAGO was founded in 1987, to develop portable, fully integrated video target tracking systems.  IMAGO has succesfully deliverred over 300 video target tracking and trajectory measurement projects.


IMAGO offers high performance target tracking systems, by combining our expertise in tracking mount (pan/tilt) design, robotic control, target prediction and advance video target tracking algorithms, digital cameras, laser rangefinders and infrared cameras.  

As an established supplier/manufacturer, having completed over 300 contracts related to video tracking systems, video tracking mounts, trajectory measurement systems and data recorders, IMAGO Machine Visions Inc. has a thorough understanding of the needs and performance required for an optical test range instrumentation.

IMAGO's video trackers are used to measure airborne targets such as missiles, aircraft, UAVs and mortars and other airborne targets. 

We also offer an air-to-ground tracker to track vehicles, ships and people.

IMAGO's tracker and tracking systems are primarily used for test and evaluation for military, aerospace and golf clients.

IMAGO offers the following products:

  • Turnkey Video Tracking System
  • Video Tracker (Stand alone)
  • Pan/Tilts, Tracking Pedestals
  • Trajectory Measurement Systems
  • Automatic Take-Off and Landing Systems (ATOL) for UAVs
  • Data Fusion Engine to combine data from multiple sources such as video tracker, radars, laser rangefinders, LIDAR and GPS systems
  • Miss Distance Systems (MDI)
  • Inflight Refuelling for UAVs
  • Golf Ball Trajectory System (Indoor and Outdoor)

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IMAGO's goal is to provide top performing video target tracking systems, while remaining cost effective.   To meet this goal IMAGO’s team reviews the project’s tracking requirements,  performs a detailed engineering analysis and proposes a solution. 

Please contact IMAGO to help define your test range solution. 

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