IMAGO was founded in 1987  to research and develop products involving image processing and pattern recognition. In 1989, IMAGO began work on low-cost, portable, fully integrated video target tracker.  In 2008, after 21 years of using third party pan/tilts  IMAGO began building our IMBQ Series of Pan/tilts.  The IMBQ pan/tilts are specifically designed for video tracking and measurement systems and have been instrumental to IMAGO’s continued success.

IMAGO's goal is to provide top performing video tracking systems, while remaining cost effective.   To meet this goal IMAGO’s team reviews the project’s tracking requirements,  performs a detailed engineering analysis and proposes a solution. 

IMAGO is able to offer high performing video target tracking  systems, by combining our expertise in tracking mount (pan/tilt) design, robotic control, target prediction and video target  tracking algorithms, digital cameras, laser rangefinders and infrared cameras.    

IMAGO's target tracking systems can provide:

  • Reliable auto tracking 
  • Accurate measurements
  • High Speed Robotic Control (in closed looped)
  • Portability
  • High Performance Portable Video Tracking Mounts
  • TPSI data
  • Remote control operations
  • Situational awareness
  • Training Simulators
  • Guaranteed solutions.

IMAGO has completed over 300 contracts.

When you bring an IMAGO tracker to the field, you are also bringing our team's field experience. 

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