IMAGO XG Simulator

IMAGO Simulator missile launch

The IMAGO Simulator is a tool designed to train your operator to learn how to configure the tracking software and practice tracking before a live fire.  

The IMAGO Simulator is a “hardware in the loop” training device that can be used in a lab without the need to go outside.

The operator can generate the target’s expected trajectory. Next, a synthetic background environment which best matches the test range where they will work is chosen.  A choice of vegetation, hills and skyline can all be selected from a list of pull down menu options.  The operator can control the visibility, sun position and clouds to visualize how the target might look in different times of the day or year.   

Once the operator has selected a location in the virtual environment, he can practice tracking the target.  First, the operator can locate the launcher and determine the angle at which the pan tilt must be pointed to acquire the target.  This angle will match the angle that will be used in the live test.  

As a result of practice, the operator should feel significantly more confident and less stressed when attending a live firing.  When the operator is confident, they will take ownership of the equipment and be happier to maintain the equipment.

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IMAGO Simulator with cloud background

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