Automatic Take Off and Landing System (ATOL)

UAV landing

The IMAGO ATOL Tracking system provides 3D position information of an approaching UAV.  The position information can be transmitted to the UAV’s Ground Control Station to close the loop allowing the UAV to land autonomously.

The IMAGO ATOL is a mobile, person portable, real-time automatic tracking and trajectory system configured around an advanced pan/tilt.  It consists of a Pan/tilt, Heavy duty tripod, Automatic Video Target Tracking Software, Pan/tilt control Software, Operator Interface, Eye safe Laser Rangefinder and  High Resolution Video camera.

IMAGO’s ATOL tracking system is fully contained.  The output of the tracking head is linked to an intermediate computer, which acts as option for manual override and forward data to the GCS.  

It has the following advantages over other ATOL systems:

  • Light & compact
  • Video tracking provides a clear image of the aircraft
  • Computer controlled lens aperture and focus 
  • Higher resolution progressive scan camera, (effective zoom), to reduce the number of cameras to one, when tracking out to 5 km.  
  • A second camera can be added to extend range to 9.9km. 
  • A laser range finder that can measure slant range at up to 200hz, though IMAGO limits it to ~60Hz to be synchronized with the optical cameras.  

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