IMBQ-LC (Low cost/Lightweight)

The IMBQ LC  is designed to carry a 35kg payload and move at an angular rates of 90 deg/sec and provide 90 arcsecond pointing accuracy. It is  lightweight and portable. 

The IMBQ LC is ideal for customers who need target tracking for either video data gathering or lower accuracy measurements and have limitted budgets.  

CanadaXG_S_LC_onTrailer (1)

Tracking Mount Specifications

Performance Full Payload
Payload 30kg
Weight 18kg
Azimuth Range +/- 360Deg
Elevation Range -20 to +190
IMBQ Accuracy 90 arcsec (0.025 deg)
Max. Acceleration 180 deg/sec^2
Max Velocity 90 deg/sec
Encoder Resolution 18 bit

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