IMAGO UAV Technologies: ATOL, Inflight refueling, Auto Station Keeping.

IMAGO has developed a number of technologies that have specific applications for Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAV); our technologies include:

1. UAV Automatic Take Off and Landing System (ATOL)
2. Autonomous In-flight Refueling System
3. Automatic station-keeping system(External link discussing helicopter application, but can be used for UAVs.)

IMAGO’s Automatic Take Off and Landing (ATOL) system uses a small tracking mount, a rangefinder and a video camera to measure a UAV’s position with better than 1 metre accuracy. It then combines this position with any other data sources such as GPS and outputs the UAV’s position to the flight control system to close the Automatic Take off and Landing loop.

IMAGO’s Autonomous In-flight refueling system combines 3D measurement data from three optical measurements and GPS data in order to provide smooth reliable measurements of the relative position between the UAV and the Fuel Tanker. The position is then fed into the UAV’s flight control system to accurately bring the UAV to the Tanker for in-flight refueling or join up. IMAGO’s approach is 100% passive and all processing is done onboard the UAV. By using multiple measurements IMAGO is able to provide a more robust solution. Click on this link for a press releasing discussing IMAGO's Automatic Inflight Refueling technology.

IMAGO has developed a video tracking system that combine altitude information from the aircraft to provide a 3D measurement of ground based targets. Our system locks onto a ground target such as vehicle, person or vessel and track it. This measurement can be combined with the flight control system of helicopter aircraft or UAV’s to have them automatically follow the target without pilot intervention.

If you are a UAV manufacturer or an EO gimbal manufacturer or integrator please contact IMAGO to work together to improve your product offering.

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