IMAGO Portable, Fully Integrated Video Target Trackers and Tracking Solutions

IMAGO offers a range of turnkey video tracking systems. At the heart of our tracking systems is either the IMAG0-XG, IMAGO-DC or IMAGO-S Video Tracker.

IMAGO's Video Trackers are integrated with our pan/tilt controllers to offer optimal performance while reducing the final cost to customer. Based on our tests our video tracker and pan/tilt controllers, using similar hardware, were able to:

  • track better in clutter,
  • track three times faster and
  • track significantly more accurately.

Whenever possible our tracking systems make use of Commercial-Off-the-Shelf (COTS) components. By using COTS components IMAGO reduces the costs of the system, increases the reliability and the availability of spares and ensures that our customers are able to take advantage of state of the art technology.

IMAGO offers a full set of calibration tools that allow our systems to be accurately surveyed into an external coordinate system to allow our data to be compared on a day-to-day basis and with other external instrumentation.

Combining these tools with a laser rangefinder or multiple IMAGO tracking systems results in a highly accurate Miss Distance or 3D Trajectory Measurement System (TSPI).

For most applications IMAGO will review the customer's requirements and prepare a complete solution; including tracker, tracking options, tracking mount, cameras, lenses that will meet their tracking objective.

IMAGO DC (Digital Compact)

IMAGO's latest offering. A compact complete tracking payload that weighs less than 15lbs. Features:

  • Tracking PC mounted in the payload, reducing the need for cabling.
  • Digital Camera with multiple fields of view.
  • Complete system including tracking mount fit in a single Pelican Case.
  • Integrated Flight Analysis System (optional).

Advanced Tracking Mount

Weight 55 lbs
Payload 175lbs
Acceleration 360 °/sec2
Velocity 105 °/sec
Accuracy (pan & tilt): 0.006 °
Repeatability 0.005 ° (18 Arc seconds)
Resolution 21 bits (1.62 Arc seconds)

Standard Tracking Mount

Weight: 17.2kg / 38lbs
Payload: 34kg / 75lbs
Acceleration 180 °/sec2
Velocity 90°/ sec
Accuracy (pan & tilt): 60 Arc seconds
Repeatability (pan & tilt): 36 Arc seconds
Resolutions: 20 bit

Compact Tracking Mount

Weight: 7.7kg / 17lbs
Payload: 16kg / 35.3lbs
Angular Acceleration: 180° second / second
Angular Velocity: 60° / second
Accuracy (pan & tilt): 60 Arc seconds
Repeatability (pan & tilt): 36 Arc seconds
Resolutions: 20 bit (optional)

If our standard offerings do not meet your needs, then we can provide a solution that will.

Need More Information ?

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