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Philosophy Behind the XG System

Too often, target tracker is left as a two-word line item on a customer's specification. IMAGO undertakes great effort to ensure that the IMAGO XG can track the types of targets that are required. In addition to our standard algorithms, feature and contrast IMAGO supports specialized packages that are optimized.

Imago's new product line was designed to be flexible, upgradeable and supportable over the years. Once the customer has purchased the tracking system core, any component can be added with both time and cost efficiency as the tracking requirements change over time.

Our tracking systems are "the brains" behind the brawn.

We have delivered trackers to track:

  • fixed wing aircraft
  • rotary wing aircraft
  • short range seeker missiles
  • mortar firings and dropped loads
  • people,
  • ground vehicles including cars, trucks, boats
  • naval vessels and victims at sea

IMAGO is committed to ensuring that our systems will work effectively in the field and we are continually improving the intelligence of our tracking systems.


Video Tracking (Standard)

The IMAGO-XG uses an expert approach to tracking that works better than centroid or correlation trackers to provide reliable tracking for most ground to air tracking requirements. Our expert algorithms are further improved by using our integrated target state estimator in complex backgrounds.

If required, a "Contrast/edge/correlation" tracker is available.

Software Advantage

IMAGO Video Target Trackers are software based(not VME with a card cage), allowing for our systems to meet most form factor constraints.

Plus IMAGO can provide updates and upgrades and allow the user to download them wherever there is an internet connection.

Video Tracking Performance

  • Minimum Target Size: subpixel resolution targets can be tracked, best results are obtained with a 2x2 or larger
  • Maximum Target Size: targets that fill the field of view can be tracked
  • Track Stability: 0.5 pixels to 3 pixel track stability depending on track algorithm
  • Target contrast (Minimum): 2% contrast for high level track confidence, 1% contrast with use of the target state estimator

Target Acquisition

  • Full field of view sit-and-wait
  • Joystick, mouse
  • or touch-screen (if monitor purchased)
  • Acquisition on event (TTL Trigger)
  • Cue to GPS, radar, pointing or other optical device (optional)

Automatic Coast Capability

  • If the target is temporarily obscured our target state estimation system will coast and reacquire the target when it reappears

External Alignment Algorithms (Optional)

  • Survey to WGS84
  • Local area surveys
  • Celestial alignment/Star calibration
  • Aircraft navigation system. Tracking the target for a short period of time and establishing the target frame of reference can achieve dynamic alignment to a moving target - no fixed reference points are required

Pan-Tilt & Gimbal Controllers (Optional)

All of our pan/tilt controllers are software based and can be integrated with our video tracking algorithms to allow the controller and the video tracker to work together to improve overall system performance. Our controllers will work with all IMAGO supplied pan/tilts as well as with customer supplied pan/tilts.

Video Input

  • Up to 6 Channel
  • Analogue (NTSC, CCIR, non- standard, progressive scan, intensified cameras, IR cameras)
  • High speed video (100 Hz to 200 Hz) (Optional)
  • Digital (most digital formats are accepted). We have gathered photometric data using 16Mpixel, 12 bit sensors (Optional)

Lens Selection

  • Lens calibration algorithm is included, allowing the IMAGO-XG to work with any lens

Output Log Files

The IMAGO-XG outputs a time stamped log file of target azimuth/elevation. The log file is in ASCII format and can be easily loaded into Excel, MatLab, Simulink and any other data processing application.

Set Up and Calibration and Built in Tests

The IMAGO-XG includes set up and calibration software to initialize the system.

Available Options

  • Multiple Targets: Video tracker can automatically switch gates to follow targets
  • Multiple Gates (Typically 2 or 3)
  • Dropped Loads/ Payload Separation
  • Timeliner
  • iPeta (IMAGO's Proprietary Explosion Tracking Algorithm)
  • Scene-lock/ Image stabilization for track on the move applications
  • Parallel processing: Track from multiple cameras simultaneously(IR/CCD or WFOV/NFOV)
  • Switch on the fly-tracking
  • Track offsets
  • Additional Video Tracking Algorithms that incorporate colour, motion analysis, and more complex pattern matching
  • High performance controller to track more dynamic targets at higher rates.
  • Integration of 3rd party pan/tilts or gimbals.
  • Different coast models, based on target dynamics and pan/tilt motion
  • Full field of view target acquisition
  • Full field of view sit-and-wait motion analysis
  • Cueing from/to radar, on-target sensors, etc.
  • TTL input
  • Stereo vision for range measurement from 50m to 3000m
  • Fuse GPS, laser, radar and optical position data for robust position measurements
  • Air to ground, interface with the aircraft navigation system
  • Interface with IMU
  • Laser Rangefinders
  • Remote Control up to 7 km stand off distance

Computer Configuration

The IMAGO-XG can be hosted on an industrial grade rack mount PC, Laptop, desktop, transportable or single board computer.

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