IMAGO fully Integrated 3D Trajectory Measurement System -TSPI

IMAGO 3D Trajectory Measurement Systems

IMAGO has developed three different types of solutions for providing real-time trajectory information for a target:

Single Tracking System With Rangefinder

Using an IMAGO Tracking System equipped with an eyesafe laser range finder provides a compact single station trajectory system. This system was initially designed for calibrating avionics equipment for military fighter aircraft when using a reflector array was impractical. (Scanning laser Tracking Systems require an array of prism reflectors to be placed on the aircraft.)

Triangulation Systems - Multiple Station Solution

An IMAGO Trajectory Measurement System consists of two or more IMAGO Video Target Tracking Systems and a trajectory computer. The tracking data are sent to the Trajectory Analysis System which calculates the target's trajectory, position and velocity in real time. This system is ideal for scenarios where the system needs to totally passive and not detectable by the target.

Long Range Stereo Vision

Details to come...

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