Video Trackers

IMAGO offers stand alone video tracker software, complete turnkey tracking systems and 3D trajectory systems and UAV Technologies. Most of our systems are software based and can be upgraded at any time.

IMAGO offers two video trackers; the IMAGO S and the IMAGO XG for customers who want to do their own integration or build their own system:

  • The IMAGO XG offers full performance and many options to optimize video tracking success for your scenario
  • The IMAGO S is IMAGO's price point product, it is designed to compete with other video trackers. It offers better performance at a competitive price

Video Tracking Systems

IMAGO offers a range of video tracking systems. We feature three different sized systems:

  • Compact - Complete System fits inside a single Pelican Case
  • Standard - Ideal for most applications: capable of tracking at 90deg/sec with a 75lb payload
  • Advanced - Ideal for heavier payloads: capable of tracking at 90deg/sec with a 175lb payload

3D Trajectory Measurement Systems

IMAGO has developed three different types of solutions for providing real-time trajectory information for a target:

  • Single Station System
  • Triangulation Systems - Multiple Station Solution
  • Long Range Stereo Vision

Miss Distance System / Weapon Scoring

IMAGO has developed two solutions for measuring miss distance and weapon scoring:

  • One measures the miss distance between two air targets; such as a missile and a drone
  • One measures the distance between the payload/weapon and the intended point of impact


If our standard offerings do not meet your needs, then we can provide a solution that will.

Need More Information ?

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