IMAGO was incorporated in 1987, to research and develop products involving image processing and pattern recognition. In 1989, we realized there was a need for a low-cost, portable, fully integrated video tracking system.

Our earlier sales were for standalone video trackers, but as our technology advanced we have been able to offer higher levels of sophistication, with the addition of laser-rangefinders, multiple tracker triangulation systems, automatic cueing from other sensors, and an increased level of accuracy and automation.

IMAGO is a team offers expertise in:

We are experts in:

  • Video tracking
  • Robotic control
  • Stereo Vision
  • Measurement Systems
  • Miss Distance Systems (MDI)
  • Data Fusion
  • Data Analysis
  • System Integration

We offer top quality performance products and offer post sales support. When you bring an IMAGO tracker to the field, you are also bringing our team's field experience. We work with our customers to ensure that the tracker is equipped for a successful trial.

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