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video target tracking and trajectory measurement systems,….. since 1987

about us

IMAGO’s mission is to offer high performance video tracking systems, by combining our expertise in tracking mount (pan/tilt) design, robotic control, target prediction, video tracking algorithms, digital cameras, laser rangefinders, and infrared cameras.    

Andy Ball H.B Comm


Marc Prystay Ph.D. 

Vice President

Jack Wang Ph.D.

R & D Video Tracking

Angela Foreman B.Admin

Business Manager

Baoquan Li, MSc. Eng

Robotic Control 

Raul Bodea M. Comp Sci

Software and Robot Integration 

Trent Reeb P.Eng

Mechanical  Engineer 

Video Trackers

The IMAGO XG is a complex application that combines  a video tracker, target prediction, survey, camera control within a single user interface design. 

The IMAGO XG Video Target Tracker is able to track in real world scenarios, such as : clutter, changing targets, track through payload separation or handle multistage events.  

Fully Integrated Tracking Systems

IMAGO offers a range of integrated turnkey video tracking systems.  

Most of  IMAGO's Systems are portable and are designed to be two-man portable and do not require a dedicated vehicle.

Tracking Mounts

The IMBQ tracking mounts  are specifically designed for video target tracking with high-accuracy, high-speed and high-acceleration. We offer a broad range of mounts to meet most performance and budget requirements.

Key Products

IMAGO will design  a solution to meet your technical and budgetary requirements

Building video tracking and trajectory measurement solutions since 1987.